October 22, 2014: Ice House launches Pacific Place Mall app

Posted on October 22, 2014

Blog written by: Redmer Schukken

Ice House launches its newest app Pacific Place Mall that goes live today 22nd of October 2014 in its HQ office in Jakarta. It features the photo stream capabilities that work together with Bluetooth beacons and the treasure hunt feature where participants would have to scan different photos throughout the mall in order to complete missions to receive a reward.

Pacific Place Mall app launch

The event was attended by many different media; magazines, websites and bloggers. It started with an introduction of Ice House and its various range of products and clients. CEO of Ice House, Redmer Schukken then further explained the capabilities of the app and how it enhances the shopping experience. The event then continued with Raymond Tjandra, Marketing & Communications Coordinator of Pacific Place explaining how they wanted to enhance the traffic in the mall and the shopping experience and that they believe that Ice House could solve that problem. Later, Redmer gave an app demo, which received a great response by the media.


The demo consisted of all the features of the app and what it does, but mainly focused on the photo stream and treasure hunt capabilities. What makes the Treasure hunt so interesting is that the user of the app is provided with 7 different missions that he or she must complete. Each mission is given with some trivia facts about a certain retail shop in the Pacific Place Mall. The app also shows a shadow hint on what they need to scan with their ios or android device, once the user has found the picture display, they scan it and a short video of the stores products are played on the app, once this is done the mission is complete and the user receives the next instructions for the next mission. Once all missions are complete, the user that goes to the redemption booth in Pacific Place to receive their prize. From the treasure hunt alone, it sets the traffic in the mall where by using the app Pacific Place will be able to make the customers move to certain areas of the mall to give better exposure for some tenants, it also makes The treasure hunt capabilities also provide a whole new “malling experience”.

Ice House Pacific Place Mall app team

The media also responded well when Redmer mentioned that this app will be free to use. It ended with some coffee and tea where it gave the chance for the media to have a one on one Q&A with Redmer while having some snacks.

Ice House expects that because of this event, the media will be more aware of what Ice House creates and that they soon will be using the applications made by Ice House.